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Year of the Dragon

The Chinese calendar name of 2012 is Female MetalZen ChenZen is Water and Chen is Dragon in Chinese Horoscope. Therefore, 2012 is also called Water Dragon Year.

According to Chinese Five Element Astrology Calendar, 2012 is the Year of Water Dragon. The color of Water in Five Elements system is related to Black. Therefore we can say 2012 is a Black Dragon, Water Dragon or Black Water Dragon year. You can’t drown a dragon.

Dragons represent good luck, fortune, wisdom, even spiritual tranquility.

The dragon became the primary symbol of  the divine right of  the Chinese Emperor, decorating the palaces he lived, the chairs he sat in and even the robes he wore. The pearl in the dragon’s grasp is a symbol of wisdom. Like the dragon, the good emperor always sought the wisdom to rule wisely, and the combination of wisdom and divine power assured the well-being of the Chinese people.



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