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Singin’ Ringin’ Tree

The Singing Ringing Tree is a wind powered sound sculpture resembling a tree set in the landscape of the Pennine mountain range overlooking Burnley, in Lancashire, England. Completed in 2006, it is part of the series of four sculptures within the Panopticons arts and regeneration project created by the East Lancashire Environmental Arts Network (ELEAN). The project was set up to erect a series of 21st-century landmarks, or Panopticons […]

Britain’s Longest Serving Midwife

Linda Fairley “Midwife’s Here!: The Enchanting True Story of Britain’s Longest Serving Midwife”  ‘Delivering my first baby is a memory that will stay with me forever. Just feeling the warmth of a newborn head in your hands, that new life, there’s honestly nothing like it! I’ve since brought more than 2,200 babies into the world, […]

The Woman Who Wasn’t There

“The Woman Who Wasn’t There: The True Story of an Incredible Deception” By Robin Gaby Fisher, Angelo J. Guglielmo Jr. The astounding story of Tania Head, whose heartrending account of surviving the World Trade Center attacks made her a celebrity—until it all turned out to be an elaborate hoax. It was a tale of loss and […]

War Horse: The Real Story

War Documentary hosted by Russell Boulter, published by Channel 4 in 2012 – English narration The truth about the million British horses that served in World War I is even more epic than Steven Spielberg’s War Horse feature film. This documentary tells their extraordinary, moving story, begining with the mass call-up of horses from every farm and country estate in the land. Racing commentator […]

Cumbia: The Afrosound of Columbia

A  2-volume set and the hisstory of how African music captivated Columbia Over two and a half hours of funky, hot Afro-influenced tracks from the 60s and 70s golden period of the seminal Discos Fuentes label in Colombia. 43 dancefloor hits provide an irresistible mix of genres: salsa, cumbia, boogaloo, tropical funk, chicha… To understand […]

The Greek Tragedy

the guardian 21.05.2012

May Madness

Pictures of offbeat events in May 2012: