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“Over the Top” Nike ad for EURO 2012

City striker models iconic football haircuts, and comes out looking better than Rooney

The Week Mon 21 May 2012

MARIO BALOTELLI has promised to be on his best behaviour at Euro 2012 if selected for the Italian squad at the tournament.

But that doesn’t mean the eccentric striker will disappear from the public eye this summer as he has been signed up to star of a new Nike advert in which he models a series of classic football haircuts.

Although he has few lines in the ad, which is set in a barber’s shop, he does get to model some of the most famous barnets in the history of the game. He is shown sporting the iconic styles of Brazilians Ronaldinho and Ronaldo, Colombian Carlos Valderrama and even Chris Waddle before settling on his own distinctive mohawk.

Nike always pulls out the stops with its advertising before big football tournaments, and this campaign is based on footballing haircuts. But it is not the first time they have messed around with the image of a Manchester-based striker. Before the World Cup in 2010, a balding Wayne Rooney of Man United was shown living in a caravan, wearing vest and sporting a giant ginger beard.

City fans may take Balotelli’s rather more flattering endorsement of the brand as evidence of the footballing power shift in the city.

The video can be watched at http://www.theweek.co.uk/football/bonkers-balotelli/47026/balotelli-visits-barbers-euro-2012-nike-ad-video#ixzz1vWBvIUs8.


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